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ConversionXL Needs Your Help Writing Best in the World CRO Content

ConversionXL Published: August 10, 2015
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Conversion Rate Optimization is a quickly growing field. Tons of blogs are cropping up around the topic - lots of them not that good.
ConversionXL has been around for a few years and we’ve established ourselves as the authoritative source on conversion optimization. We write long-form, data-packed essays that reach hundreds of thousands of smart people each month.

We’ve got huge goals for the next few years at ConversionXL. We want to cross the chasm and reach 1 million visitors a month.

To do that, we need top-notch writers. Curious, smart, and investigative folks that geek out at things like personalization, revenue optimization, UX, a/b testing, copywriting, statistics, and data.

We’re not necessarily focused on surface-level, tactical articles. In fact, we’re much more focused on narrow and deep posts that really dig into the ‘why,’ not just a list of tactics.

We're not as concerned with \"What\" works, because \"What\" changes over time.

If you’re accepted to write for us, you'll be writing well-researched, long-form articles that fully explore a topic and present the reader with a balanced view.

Articles are paid, rates are negotiable.

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