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Contract Fitness Writer

Self-Himprovement Published: June 4, 2022
Work can be done remotely
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Who I Am

When I was freelancing full-time, my ideal gig was one that paid fairly, was flexible, and working toward something that aligned with my values.

Now that I'm in a position to hire a freelance writer to work with me, that's what I want to offer.

Self-Himprovement is an inclusive men's fitness and wellness website. We're dedicated to creating insightful, science-backed content related to exercise, fitness, and nutrition.

I'm passionate about what I'm doing on Self-Himprovement because exercise has been instrumental in improving my relationship with my own body and my mental health. I used to fear exercise because I got made fun of as a kid for being the chubby kid in PE who couldn't do "boy" pushups. Now, I'm on a mission to make fitness friendly and empower others who once felt out of place in the gym to repair how they think about exercise.

Who You Are (Hopefully!)

The ideal writer for our team is:

  • Fairly knowledgeable about exercise, particularly weight lifting, and nutrition.
  • Aware of conversations about fat-shaming and other problematic trends in the wellness industry.
  • Genuinely wants to help folks live happier lives by improving their relationship with their body.

Some of the topics we're looking for help writing about:

  • Weight lifting techniques and exercises for various muscle groups.
  • Foundational training principles (think: periodization, rest, hydration, concentric vs eccentric movement, etc)
  • Fitness myths, pseudoscience gimmicks, and red flags (e.g. if a product claims to help you detox... run!)

What We Are Offering

I'm looking for someone to collaborate with me on a 6-month contract to start, with the understanding that we will renew or extend the contract if we're both happy with the arrangement.

In terms of compensation, what I have budgeted right now is a flat rate of $300 per month for 4 articles and a thirty-minute one-on-one meeting. This comes out to $75 per article with one article per week. I prefer flat-rate compensation because it's predictable for both of us and ensures that if you have a month where you primarily write shorter articles, you're not getting skimped on pay.

I'm also a certified coach and, by day, a product manager in SaaS, so if you'd like any mentoring or coaching, we can work that in as a benefit.

You retain all credit for the work you complete. Anything you write will be published with a byline under your name, so you won't be ghostwriting or having to hide behind a pseudonym.

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