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Content writer for startup inspiringclick.com. Grow your author authority with us and be a part of something powerful!

Inspiring Click Published: February 1, 2024
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Do you want to write articles on topics you choose, have those articles rank on the first page of Google, and grow your audience and author authority?

Inspiringclick.com was founded in 2023, and we write some of the most uplifting content on the planet.

We are currently looking for content writers to create 1-2 articles per week, and a social media manager.

Please note that this is not a paid position yet; however, until we begin to pay, we offer valuable incentives.

This is a great opportunity for you if you:

  • You want to be featured on our "Meet the Team Page" forever... When we get 20,000, 50,000, and eventually 100,00,000 monthly visitors, you will have a page dedicated to you. It will give you the sort of exposure that helps you gain clients for the rest of your working career.
  • You want to gain author authority. We help rank these articles on Google and will help you land featured snippets.

Less than 1% of content writers make it to the first page of Google. Inspiring click has shown us that we know how to rank articles, and we figure that this is a great way to provide you some value until we begin paying you

  • Want to add articles that reflect your own areas of interest to your portfolio; showcasing your best work to people and potential clients worldwide.
  • You want to learn how to become an incredible writer with SEO skillsCheck out our articles. We like to set the standard for content writing. We will help you become the best writer you can be.

Please note that you will have to submit a test article so that we can assess your qualification for the role. 

What is our Meet the Team Page?

It is an incentive page that hosts author profiles. Our authors can share their picture, bio, business contact info, socials medias, portfolio, and anything they need to have clients reach out to them.


Until we begin to pay, these incentives include two options:

  • Featured on our Meet the Team page to gain clients. You will have a space dedicated to showcasing you and your services forever. Clients will be able to reach out directly to you.

We want to become a household name, and we are not going anywhere. If you are a pioneer, we want you to be remembered forever.

  • Featured on our Hire an Inspiring Writer page to gain big jobs. You will have a space dedicated to showcasing you and your services forever. Clients will be able to hire you through inspiring click to write articles for their businesses. We bring in the big jobs, then we give them to you. The Hire An Inspiring Writer page is meant to streamline the job acquisition process by allowing us to delegate work to you, saving you the hassle of having to deal with clients, while giving you the big-paying jobs. If you don't like prospecting, then this is a good option for you.


You will have the option of choosing which of the two pages you would like to be featured. Both require a 50 article minimum. If you don’t reach the 50-article goal to be featured on our dedicated pages forever, then any articles you write for us will still remain on our website forever with your name and author summary at the bottom of each article. (*Note that we will keep you on our website unless you have committed a crime, in which case we may take your articles and profile on our dedicated pages down)

Team members Ranking: Copy and paste the following into Google:

  • "spout atmospheric water generator" 1st page of over 650,000+ results.
  • Brittany's baskets of hope. 1 out of 1,980,000+ results
    "worlds first bee sanctuary". 1st page of 25,000,000+ results
  • "Mira Kulkarni". 1st page of 1,800,000+ results.
  • "TeamSeas robot". 1st page of "10,000,000+ results

Team members Featured Snippets: Copy and paste the following into Google:

  • "Alef Model A price"
  • "Can Organoid intelligence feel sensation"
  • "Largest body of water in the universe"
  • "Who Should Have a Doroni H1"
  • "Sumatran rhino population 2024"

The entire world uses Google because they want information. Now, imagine for a moment, that they receive that information from you because you're writing appears at the top of the list... That is author authority, and by writing articles on inspiring click, we will try and rank them. But you need to have a few things first.

Skills you need to have

  • You have a Strong grasp of grammar
  • You are willing to receive feedback
  • You enjoy the creative aspect of writing and value originality.
  • You understand the importance of search engine optimization (or you're willing to learn).
  • You're organized and independent; however, you love working in a collaborative and positive team environment.
  • You love creating valuable content and are a continuous learner.
  • You will need to write a short test article so that we can assess your eligibility. Details are explained in further below.

We are also looking for a social media manager. If you are interested, let us know in the application.

The social media manager position will require you to post content on our social media like facebook, YouTube, and Instagram to grow our brand and following.

We have high end industry tools we will provide you with which make creating video easy enough for anyone to do.

You will receive the same incentives as the article writer position. A point system will be used to determine being featured on our dedicated pages.

Instagram/Facebook posts =1 points

TikTok/Shorts= 3 points

Full length YouTube videos =  7 points

When you reach 200 points, we will feature you on our Meet the Team page for life.

We are dedicated to making inspiring click a household name. If you want to potentially uplift millions with your writing and grow your author authority, as well as be part of an inspiring movement, then click the link and apply (you can scroll past the job description in the link since you read it on here).

All the best. Stay inspired!

Tips for applying online safely
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