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Voices Inc Published: May 13, 2017
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Hi there.

We run an affiliate website in the music niche which recommends various instruments and online music courses such as "online guitar lessons", "online piano lessons", "online singing lessons" and so on.

Our goal is to provide helpful information (blog posts) regarding learning a musical instrument, then make recommendations for learning about online lessons.

We are looking for writers who are interested in a particular musical instrument to write about, however this is not completely necessary.

The main focus is for our articles to pre-sell these particular online lessons:

  1. Guitar
  2. Piano
  3. Singing

That being said, we promote really all types of music lessons and music equipment.

The blog is here:


At the beginning, the keywords / article topics will be provided to you.

Example Article:

The Secrets To Reading Piano Sheet Music FAST

> Give tips on reading piano sheet music, and recommend online piano software that makes this very easy.


Example Article:

3 Strumming Techniques Beginner Guitar Players MUST Learn

> Give beginners tips on struming the guitar, and make a recommendation to learn more about online guitar lessons.


Most articles will be VERY longtail in nature, so a typical word count will be 500 to 1500 words.

Some articles may be bigger "guide" type articles, where the word count will be higher.

Some articles may require you to review / provide an overview of a particular product (Guitar Hero on PlayStation), while introducing some alternatives > online lessons.


Who are you writing articles for:

These articles are mainly aimed at people who are looking for specific help regarding learning a particular instrument and may find online learning and lessons to be beneficial.

Your writing "avatar":

The tone of the articles is friendly as if you're giving advice to your friend. You are the EXPERT on online music lessons and various programs, so you know exactly which ones to recommend.

If you're a good fit, there will be constant work, as there are many topics to cover.

If you're interested, please apply through this form if possible.

Please supply links to some of your recent articles, (or send them to me), and briefly explain why you might be a good fit for writing these music related posts.

** Please explain your process for researching and writing your articles.

Kind Regards,


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