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Mindmaven Published: November 12, 2021
San Francisco
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Seeking Passionate Content Marketer to Create Unique, High-Quality Startup Content

We're looking for a driven content marketer with strong copywriting experience to create startup-focused content. But before we get into the job details, let me give you a little background:

We're a coaching firm that teaches professionals (with a focus on startup CEOs and execs) how to reach their fullest potential as a leader by better leveraging their time and relationships.

The situation: Not to brag, but we've spent the last 10+ years creating highly-pragmatic content that's consistently been called everything from "best-in-class" to "life-changing." But we've got a somewhat-embarrassing problem ... No one knows about it.

Well, not "no one." We've had some great niche success with amazing companies like Reddit, Roblox, YPO and Linksys, but our ambitions are bigger than that. The simple fact of the matter is, our content can make a difference in the lives of others, and not enough people are benefiting from it. We want to make our content available not only to those who can afford our premium coaching services, but to anyone who wants to achieve greatness, build more meaningful relationships, lead a more fulfilling life, and inspire others do the same.

To that end, we're looking for someone to support our marketing efforts and help take them to the next level. Here's what that might look like in practice:

  • Collaborate with our marketing manager to write copy informed by empathy to build an engaged audience.
  • Write SEO-optimized blog posts that distill examples and tactics from our Knowledge Base to create accessible content for time-poor leaders.
  • Create landing page copy that converts, contributing to lead generation goals.
  • Innovate beyond your role to assist other marketing efforts

Let's go a little deeper into what we're looking for from you:

  • Professional Writing Experience: You don't need to be the next Hemingway, but you must take pride in your work and have a track record of some kind. Typos and grammar mistakes should be a rarity. You should also understand basic SEO principles and know which factors drive conversions.
  • Knowledge and Intense Interest in the Subject Matter: Since most of our clients are based in the Silicon Valley startup ecosphere, you must have strong knowledge and interest in the following topics: networking, relationship management, productivity, and all things startup / entrepreneurship.
  • Great Communication Skills: Our team prides itself on open communication. As we've discovered, many common problems can be lessened or avoided altogether with prompt and proper communication.
  • An Aptitude for Humor: If your copy can make us laugh, we'll guarantee an interview. We love to have fun with the work we do, and we want our copy to reflect that joy we find in our work.
  • Attention to detail: We want you to edit yourself more closely than an editor will! And catch mistakes no one else did.
  • Love of Learning: We don't expect you to know everything immediately, but we do expect you to be a self-driven learner who goes out of the way to educate themselves, expand their knowledge, and actively seek feedback.
  • Forward Thinker: You should enjoy being one step ahead of everyone else, solving problems and meeting needs before they even enter the minds of others.
  • Problem Solver: Forward thinking doesn't mean rushing. You should also be prepared to step back and evaluate how to best solve challenges, both expected and unexpected. No matter what goes wrong, you must believe there's a solution to it and take ownership over finding that solution.
  • Reliable and Professional: We're going to train you, but we don't want to have to retrain you. The ideal person for this job is someone who can be trusted to get their work done with minimal supervision.
  • A Great Listener: You should know that there's a difference between simply hearing and actually listening. Some assignments will come in the form of dictations and you must be prepared to read between the lines.
  • A Native English Speaker: You must be able to speak and write fluent natural English.

Alright, that's what we want from you. So what kind of work can you expect from us? Here's a quick breakdown of your top 4 responsibilities:

#1: Blog Post Creation

  • Write blog posts with a strong storyline. You should be able to take one leadership tactic and plug it into 3-5 distinct blog posts using creative angles and approaches. We'll provide the tactic, you bring the story.
  • Stay up-to-date with common challenges for our target audience and constantly be looking for new, relevant angles that will connect to our audience.
  • Write according to SEO best practices and update old blog posts for SEO.
  • Learn and adopt the voice and tone of our past content and match it in all future content.
  • Be able to produce original work when only given key points or summaries.
  • Integrate new blog posts with appropriate lead magnets or CTAs.
  • Be able to work on a deadline while maintaining your quality of work.
  • Publish blog drafts via WordPress.
  • Bonus: Find and/or create unique featured images for each blog post.

#2: Research Management

  • Perform various research projects both in our Knowledge Base and beyond to contribute new blog ideas for the production of quality blog posts
  • Have the ability to take key points and conduct independent research to create amazing, unique content.

#3: Marketing Copy

  • Support marketing efforts by writing the copy for emails, social media posts, and cold outreach as directed by the marketing manager.
  • Write compelling copy that doesn't feel salesy—we're pretty allergic to typical marketing speak. Write human-first copy that connects with the real needs of our people.

#4 Newsletter Editorial Calendar

  • Manage the newsletter calendar to ensure we're consistently delivering the learning content our community craves.

Congratulations! You made it to the end of this job posting. That alone may qualify you for the job. We look forward to meeting you.

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