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Content Researcher

Smash Digital Published: December 9, 2023
Work can be done remotely
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Small Business


TLDR: Looking for a $/h freelance researcher for investment and niche finance topics.

Are you interested in small business investing and acquisitions?

  • You're neck deep in the investment Discords, Reddits, investment Twitter, niche newsletters, podcasts and you love it.
  • You can list the merits of a self funded search vs. traditional search fund and even name a few who have successfully done it before. Or alternatively, you could put up a strong argument for using the traditional search fund instead.
  • You have a relevant education or experience in the field, perhaps you're even looking to become a searcher yourself.

And most importantly:

  • You want to be part of a content marketing team, but toiling away endlessly at the keyboard writing article after article... DOES NOT sound appealing to you!

Still here? Read on.

We're Smash.vc. We love investing in profitable small business acquisitions. We specialize in search fund investing and SMB acquisition investing.

We create blog content using AI combined with human editing. The major obstacle currently is finding accurate data and research in these very niche topics.

We need you to do research and deliver accurate data. This is a freelance position paid hourly. Depending on the quality of your data, we can create more content, which means more work for you.

A bit about the job:

  • You can't just "Google it." This type of investment information, while freely available, requires you to be immersed in the field to know where to find it in a reasonable time (or at all).
  • You are also not a human Google. This is a collaborative effort. If the topic given doesn't make any sense, or the data requested is useless, I expect you to tell us.
  • You will receive a task such as "Find 10 small business investors and their budget." Then you deliver the data.
  • We'll use Trello or Asana to keep track of data per article for easier communication and project management.
  • This is an hourly paid job. You get paid for your time and expertise.

What we're looking for:

  • Education or experience in the niche finance and small business investment field
  • Expertise in the US small business loan system, for example SBA loans.
  • If you're a writer yourself, great. You'll understand the process quicker. But it's not necessary. We only want accurate data for our writing team.
  • Ability to self-moderate. If you can't deliver accurate information, that's totally fine. But what we expect from you is the ability to say "no can do" instead of delivering bad data.

Why us:

  • You'll be working with a group of SEO experts with decades of experience creating high quality content for huge clients.
  • You'll be paid on time through Wise or Payoneer.
  • While this isn't a full time position, there's plenty of work to do.

Hi, I'm Jay, the AI content manager at Smash.vc. You'll be working with me.

To apply, please fill the Google Form here:


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