Content Marketing Blog Brand Writers-Auto related experience a PLUS

OBBAUTO.COM Published: October 8, 2018
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Content Marketing Blog Brand Writers-Auto related experience a PLUS

You are a marketer with an uncommon talent for writing -- for you, writing isn't just a lifestyle, it's a highly valuable skill. You know that brand voice and content marketing do more than sell a business -- they tell a story and engage prospects in a memorable way. You've learned this simple fact by honing your content marketing skills in e-commerce and large-scale retail.

You are inspired by all industries or verticals and have a diverse range of blogging experience to back up this claim. You don't just specialize in one niche -- rather, your portfolio consists of expertly crafted samples from an array of clients.

You also have a track record of creating content that drives search engine rankings and supports social media activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. SEO/SMO proficiency is your jam.

You know that great output requires great input. As a naturally curious and independent researcher, you spend your day reading and analyzing topics to find original, thoughtful ways to create content that drives success.

And, when it comes to content, you choose utility over virality -- meaning, you build relationships with consumers through the written word and instill a sense of confidence and trust. You don't just write for shock value; rather, you help them make educated and informed decisions.

You have a strong personal brand that's full of flair and creativity with a serious energy. Your content is neither boring nor pushy -- more "armchair" or casual in nature, but very engaging.

You also adapt to shifting digital strategies and technical requirements for full content optimization. You know your way around various CMS/blog platforms -- in fact, we want to know which ones.

You are eager to both learn and use our exclusive CMS system - creating web-pages, uploading images, and building virtual content as requested (we provide a step-by-step tutorial for this process and those with basic HTML and/or CMS publication experience should find it highly-intuitive).

When it comes to detail, you are sharp as a tack. Your strong proofreading and self-editing skills ensure that your writing is 100% clean. You also accept edits/constructive criticism from team leads without ruffling your feathers.

You can - for the first 30 days - complete at least 10 200-word entries per week. After this trial period, you will be expected to complete between 20-25 200-word entries per week. Those who cannot meet this requirement should not apply.

if you are a content marketer that checks all the above boxes, then we want to hear from you. Please send links to your portfolio or a diverse range of writing samples.

All top-shelf candidates will be required to complete a written sample. They will also have to participate in our testing process, which includes:

One: A screen-share session, in which we'll outline the expectations and responsibilities of each writer.  This will provide applicants with the chance to engage with our editing team and better understand the scope of their assignments.

Two: A self-guided review of our CMS materials. All writers will be provided with in-depth tutorials (including screen-cap guides and a video). These will explain every step of the posting process and must be studied carefully. 

Payment --- Between $15-$20 per blog entry (200WC) based on skill level and experience – Our writers are “easily” able to produce 2 blogs within an hour --

Those joining our team will receive payment, by way of, digital money wires OR interact email transfers every 30 days.

For those applicants who prove to be successful after the first 30 days, a bonus will be provided * providing that the first 30-day transition goes well, and you are a “keeper”

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