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Help Me Leverage Published: August 13, 2018
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We can only list in one category but ideally, we would have listed this in the Blog/Article Writing, and Marketing/Promotion categories.

We're looking for writers who care about and have an interest in what happens with their content after it's written.

We transform audio or video content (usually from podcast episodes) into blog posts, show notes, social media posts, slide share decks and more. We're big on leveraging content so it isn't just used once then forgotten.

So we need social savvy and sassy writers to create the core blog content and then to help us get the value out of that content, pull the best quotes, find the angles to get people interested, etc.

You'll be assigned to one or two clients at a time so you can understand their subject and learn to to write in their voice. And you'll work directly with our graphics designers and audio/video editors to create content that supports the goals.

Because of our process (which usually includes transcripts) we've eliminated the boring part of the writing process and kept the fun bits.

There will be plenty of variety as all of our customers have B2B businesses across of a range of interesting subjects.  English as a first language is preferred but we will consider anyone else with exceptional English language skills.

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