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Consistent work available: Write SEO-friendly long-form articles

Iko Brands Published: November 16, 2022
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Consistent work available: Write SEO-friendly long-form articles


Iko Brands is a brand aggregator based in NYC. We operate 20+ websites and annually publish over 10k articles that reach over 5M users.


We are seeking experienced content writers skilled in crafting SEO-friendly long-form articles. Our goal is to provide you with consistent work and help you develop your writing skills through personalized feedback from our editorial team.

You must have experience writing about topics within the niche for which you are applying to write.

We will provide you with a detailed style guide and website-specific instructions to ensure your success.



- Live and breathe content in your niche: You’re not just into writing about it, you stay abreast of the latest trends, and read up on the history of your niche area

- Can’t wait to become a niche-specific expert and bolster your portfolio using our established platforms

- Want a meaningful long-term gig with consistent work each week

- Know that communication and editorial collaboration are key to successful writing

- Crush deadlines and maintain editorial quality

- Are stoked about our additional opportunities to earn more money by creating authentic multimedia pieces using your phone camera

- Are based in the US

You must have experience writing about one or more of the following types of products or topics:

1. Dating and relationships

2. Dog topics or products

3. Cat topics or products

4. Sleep topics or products

5. Senior citizen topics

6. Cosmetic topics or products

7. Anti-aging products or topics

8. Sneakers

9. Boots

10. Whiskey

11. Fitness topics or products

12. Electric mobility (scooters, bicycles, etc.)

13. Men's lifestyle topics

14. Guitars

15. Outdoor gear or activities

16. Laptops

17. Computer screens

18. Computer keyboards or mice

19. Computer printers or scanners

Familiarity with various products and a robust understanding of how they can and cannot help product users is also crucial.

All articles will have the same instructions. We will provide you with a detailed style guide to ensure your success.


Apply now: https://apply.workable.com/iko-brands/j/566C92A4D8/


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