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Case study content writer for IMAGINEER creative marketing company

Berkshire Premiums Published: July 10, 2019
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Looking for a gun writer to create high quality and well researched content for our portfolio website (www.berkshirepremiums.com.au) and linked in profile ghosting under our director’s name.

You need to be able to do in-depth research and write content for our particular niche of business.

What do we do: We are high ticket item marketing company specialising in brokering digital copy right content (i.e think of any new Disney movie i..e Toy story 4) to listed or large local corporations to help design from scratch high concept marketing campaigns in the form of creating customise merchandises and tailor packaging designs to help turn their regular run of the mill products to HOT IN DEMAND items i..e Think of a popular Juice company that slaps Toy Story 4 on their disposal juice cups and gives a free toy of a Toy story 4 character holding on a juice cup.

(If I lost you there... Let me digress) ...

A lot of people don’t get what we do so I’ll give an example below:

Think of Quaker Oats in America. When the final Avenger’s movie was released - i..e Endgame/Thanos. We brokered the campaign between Marvel and Quacker Oates which allowed Quacker Oates to use Marvel’s character’s on their packaging. As the digital broker and also Marketing design company, we designed the entire packaging from start (i.e. Characters interacting with the brand/logo), we created free collectable trading cards and free Avenger toys along with every Quacker Oates box (I.e Kids will line up to buy the oates in hope of collecting a power stone etc). Quacker Oates doesn’t charge their end consumers more for the normal oates that they usually sell but they pay us a fee to help run this campaign and design from scratch. A successful campaign requires a minimum of 2million units to justify our mass production of these customised merchandises at minimal cost for Quaker oates PLUS our fulfillment team's cost. And why would Quacker Oates appeal to our proposed pitch and pay us to do this for them? Well… it sells their Oates LIKE CRAZY as it rides along with the Avenger’s craze - End consumers, most likely kids, ain't buying the damn oates, they just wanted to collect those rare collectible cards!

So that’s what we do… We help (fill in the blank big company) to utilise (any hot movie or digitally copy right product that is trending) and help them produce/design Packaging, collectables, toys – anything imaginable that is given away for free or a discounted price to attract end consumers to buy their stuff.

And our target market is BIG businesses with BIG marketing budgets that can give away free stuff to attract more customers. (A small company can't justify giving free stuff and still make a profit)

Sadly, the above success with Quaker and those big companies are part of a bigger parent company and they are based in Indonesia and killing the Indonesian marketing scene. However their content is in Indonesian and they’re trying to break into the Australian market.

This is where we come in. We are a small sister company newly opened in Australia. We can reference to the past success our sister company had in Indonesia but to this date we are still brand spanking new to the scene and looking for new clients (i.e big Businesses in Australia to use our service here – leveraging the resources in Indonesia – i.e. the fulfillment team and we just do the selling here – i.e. land the contract, then our sister company delivers and we have exclusive use of their design team)

So to help our sales team here in Australia we need a writer to help create compelling content, to attract awareness, creating a following, get awareness from the big marketing guns on linked in, create case studies of projected and potential sales if they were to use us (doing all that while we don’t really have our first customer here).

Example of topics could be:

"How running a #nostraw campaign for KFC in Indonesia generated more sales?" [i.e. Indonesia KFC ran this campaign with our sister company and killed it in sales. But sadly Australia is a very conservative and mind you monopolistic country, there’s barely any lack of competition, KFC Australia can’t be bothered to even try even if there’s potential more sales and plus METAL straws are great for the environment!]

"Department stores that give away XYZ toys for over $60 purchase can generate XYZ" [Trying to appeal to the big department stores to think of what tailor merchandising and creating collectable cards trending with the latest upcoming movie block buster will generate them in income]

"Free collectable star wars coins in XYZ Supermarket has quadrupled their sales" [Appealing to big chian super markets]

We need big marketing companies who read these blogs going ‘hmmm… maybe we should do this stuff… and try these guys out and see if they can do a mock up design for us….’

About the work

You get the gist, we’re a small company and we need someone who understands this field of marketing and simply generate content with imagination and somewhat vision of the future if (XYZ) was to use our tailored packaging and merchandising ideas and how will their profit look like, how will their brand awareness boost, how they can be like (ABC) company who is doing this in (EFD) country.

Our sister company is happy to give away their previous stats and successes and we need to write content that says what we need and what we could do for so and so. (NDA must be signed)

We then need a writer to write case studies that educate future marketing managers to think of us when they map out their next marketing budget. We need to entice them to invest, to try new things, be bold and try this new niche of marketing. (Or even just to accept our invitation to go and meet with them and show them our past campaigns and already made products.)

Researched case studies are used to nurture and educate potential clients on how customised merchandised marketing is killing in sales for other companies overseas (not just Indonesia) and Australian big companies are definitely falling behind if they don’t do it!

The articles, depending on the topic, will be around 1000 – 1200 word/enough for a good linked in or blog post for SEO optimisation. We are looking to have 1-2 pieces done every month. Depending on our budget. Although we can use resources from our Indonesian sister company. We are using our own budget to start this here so are very mindful of cost. Obviously if we land a big one. That’s a totally different story. We may be hiring more writers and get them on a full time thing.

So we need someone who can grow with us and also LEARN this business with us!

As for now, we will pay after every content piece, preferably through PayPal. Other payment methods and timing can be discussed.

Job Requirements

  • Native English speaker with strong writing skills and ability to write in a way that shows an expertise in the field of what we do.
  • Exceptional online research skills (don’t just use data from our sister company. Please source info from all around the world. There’s similar companies who are doing this elsewhere.)
  • Well-organized and reliable
  • It’s a major plus if you understand our business niche i.e. merchandising, premiums, packaging, digital brokering copy rights to other companies to sell their products – as we need to sound like the expert here in the industry
  • Prefer if you know: Topics that can include retail business stats with before and after profits from using such services like ours, how customised marketing can increase retail business profitability, promotional items or campaigns to boost sales, how companies use Disney/Fox/Whatever big cinematic company (the latest movies/events) to boost sales.


  • New writers are welcome to apply with samples,  but we will prioritise experienced writers (especially those who can provide links to published articles)
  • Completely unique content. Spun or plagiarised content will not be accepted.
  • Be familiar with what constitutes an authority source to back up claims
  • A basic understanding of SEO and keywords
  • Ability to accept PayPal
  • You may be asked to sign a NDA.
  • Valuable content only. Repetitive, fluff or filler content will not be accepted.
  • Include photos and/or videos when appropriate.
  • Include references and in-text links when appropriate.


How to apply?

Please send an email to [email protected]:

  • A couple of sentences introduction you, where you are located, what you do for a living in case you are not a full-time writer and explaining why you think you would be a good fit.
  • 2-3 URLs showcasing your work related to a business topic preferably showcasing a lighter more conversational style or scripts for videos or podcasts.
  • Your rates, preferably per word in USD



Tips for applying online safely

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