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Word Savvy Published: June 19, 2017
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We are looking for two to three freelance writers to pass some work along to from time to time, either for one-off projects or ongoing contracts (for a set number of hours a week).

The kind of writing we need help with is writing web copy for websites, as well as web articles, e-books, white papers and case studies—in particular for software companies.

Word Savvy is a boutique content consultancy that creates web content for SaaS companies, primarily in the USA.

Interested? Please send along:

  • 3 web writing samples
  • CV, LinkedIn profile and/or website
  • location (where are you based?)
  • capacity (in an average week, how many hours do you have available?)
  • rate per hour (in US$ or CAD$)
  • quote on a hypothetical case study below (provide estimated number of hours it would take you to complete plus total cost)
Scope of hypothetical case study:
  • call 1 subject matter expert that we set you up with and interview them for up to 1 hour (you record it, we transcribe it)
  • conduct 3 hours of your own research (we can guide you towards a few good resources)
  • write 1,000 words in this kind of style (
  • 2 rounds of minor revisions
Type of company: business proposal software
Topic for this case study: how an ad agency went from chaos to collaboration in putting together beautiful, persuasive proposals, and in the process won $4.5 million in work in the past 6 months of using the software
Email Emily at [email protected]
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