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MANGO Connects Published: October 14, 2017
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About MANGO Connects

MANGO Connects is a startup founded in 2015 aimed at helping millennial job seekers (and those who serve them) to tap into the people in their network for advice, referrals, and access to hidden jobs. MANGO is redefining a more authentic style of networking, something we call “connecting”.


“You’ll be happy to know that everything you think you know about networking is wrong. Here is what 3 years and hundreds of millennials have taught us about how to make today’s networking easier, worthwhile and more relational.

Why network?  85% of jobs are found through people, not job postings. Referrals are twice as likely to get interviews, 40% more likely to get offers. So, in today’s referral economy, networking is perhaps THE most important skill you need to land your dream job. And if you aren’t doing it, someone else is getting your job and you’re missing out.

MANGO is a step-by-step networking tool that shows you how to do the practical aspects of connecting one-on-one with people in your network – like what to say, what to ask, who to talk to, and how to follow up  – without all the guesswork. MANGO turns contacts into relationships that advance your career.

 If you’re on LinkedIn, you need MANGO to tap your LinkedIn network -  to get out from behind your laptop, and talk face-to-face with people who can give you things you can’t get online. MANGO makes connecting easier.”

Our Mission: At MANGO, we are passionate about doing work that matters and helping others do the same.  We founded MANGO Connects is to make hidden job opportunities and referrals more accessible to everyone, especially introverts, non-business professionals, first-timers, and those with less social capital. MANGO levels the playing field by solving the simple problems that keep most people from tapping their broader networks to help them do work they love.

Our Values: Relational; Trust; Empower; Authentic; Inclusive; Useful

MANGO Connects Solutions

  1. Website: MANGO Connects
  2. Main Product: MANGO Overview (video), HOW MANGO WORKS (video), SIGN UP Free or TRY DEMO
  3. Online Tutorials: MANGO Tutorials
  4. Blog: MANGO Advice (New)
  5. Resources: Resources for Career Coaches
  6. EBook (2018): Currently writing a book, "Stop Networking. Start Connecting.” due out in early 2018, that explains the new rules for networking in today’s referral economy. (This contains our point of view that will seed blog advice-articles.)

About Our Content Strategy

Target Audiences:

  • Millennials: We embody their trusted career coach with practical advice on how to make the networking experience easier, worthwhile, and more genuine. We share encouraging stories that inspire everyone to try connecting. (IMMEDIATE FOCUS)
  • Career Coaches: We aspire to be the authority for providing career coaches the best tools to help job seekers navigate the tactical aspects of networking with confidence. (IMMEDIATE FOCUS)
  • HR/Talent Leaders: We aspire to be the authority for making “connecting” THE strategy for engaging and retaining millennials in the workplace. (SECONDARY FOCUS)

Blog Goals

  1. Authority/Influence: Become known as THE trusted authority on connecting (networking) in today’s referral economy for job seekers and those who serve them
  2. SEO Value
  3. Awareness and conversion for MANGO offerings

 Style that we’re going for on your blog

  • Tone of the blog is conversational and informational (See Brand Persona, below)
  • Post must help readers accomplish something, and/or learn from examples (“Show them how, and tell them why”)
  • Career coach posts should go in depth on the subject and be supported by research
  • Blog post length should be between 700-900 words
  • Fully formatted section to make posts easy to skim

Our Brand Persona
MANGO is a trusted big-sister/big-brother who believes in you, cares about you personally, and wants you to succeed in what you choose to do. She is a successful professional who has charted her own unique path, exploring fascinating career experiences, to discover a purpose-filled job she loves and is successful doing. She is someone you can relate to, knows what you are going through and provides practical advice from her own  relevant experience. Her coaching is honest, straightforward, tangible and actionable.  She is someone you admire and who empowers you to set a higher bar for yourself.

Voice: Career Mentor (Coach)

  • Natural, In a One-on-One Conversation
  • Credible
  • Instructive, coaching
  • Straight-forward; easy to understand


  • Uses positive, optimistic language; Stress DO’s, not DON’Ts
  • Relatable, empathic: “We get it.” We know what you don’t know
  • Simplifies: Clear, straightforward language, lightly instructs
  • Storyteller: Illuminates; meaningful and memorable
  • Empowering; makes things seem do-able; believe in you
  • Trusted authority : Knows her stuff beyond her own experience; well informed; a trust expert
  • Speaks in 2nd person (It’s about YOU, not you-all, me, us or it). MANGO is “We” (1st person), not “It” (3rd person)

Samples of MANGO Content

  1. Existing Blog post: A Secret to Writing Networking Emails that Get a Response
  2. Tip Sheet: Write a 6-Sentence Thank You that Matters
  3. MANGO Tutorial Lesson: Excerpt below

Conversations That Click

Have you ever been in a conversation where it clicked? You happened to ask just the right person a question they could answer immediately from their experience. Maybe it was figuring out the best place to live? Or how they bounced back from an injury? Or how to pick the right software tool. That question was squarely in their wheelhouse and they gave you everything you wanted to know and more. The conversation was worthwhile, for both of you.

While people often attribute worthwhile conversations like these to luck or a nice person, you will learn that in reality, there is an underlying secret to replicating those conversation experiences.

Secret: Ask the Right Questions

The secret to a great conversation is asking questions that tap into your contact's experience. You ask them questions you want to know and they want to answer. That's the magic! You know your conversation is clicking when you feel compelled to take notes and your pen cannot write fast enough!

Not every contact has the same experience to share. You'll need to tailor your questions based on who they are. Better yet, start by finding the right person for the questions you want answered.

Career Exploring Story

Haley wants to get into the technology field but isn’t sure what roles or organizations to pursue. She feels stuck. Haley's roommate suggests talking to a former coworker, Claire, who has been working in the tech field for about 8 years. Haley reaches out to Claire, asking for a conversation to learn about this new field, in hopes of gaining some direction for her job search.

Haley is a little nervous meeting someone new but believes Claire's extensive experience will help her make sense of her options. And she is right. Claire wastes no time in giving Haley a big picture overview of the tech field. It turns out, there are job options in the field Haley didn't know existed. Claire explains the various options and the differences between them. With this clarity, Haley suddenly has a good idea of her career direction.

In closing, Claire offers to introduce Haley to an array of her connections. When so many of her friends are struggling with what to do, Haley now has a direction for her job search and contacts to jump start her progress. One conversation was all it took to get great advice and an ongoing relationship.

MANGO Connects invites you to join your talents with ours to do work that really matters.

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