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Home Turf Media Published: November 22, 2006
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================================== 3 Bloggers Required to Help Start Our Network

* Looking for a way to make money by being on the leading edge of major trend in the flow of advertising dollars [local search]?

* Are you the one that knows all the cool places and things to see and do in your city?

* Are you the kind that likes to carry a camera with you wherever you go...just in case?

* Was 'show and tell' your favorite part of school? :)

Home Turf Media is looking for 3 people to write for our first sites. At Home Turf we are taking a unique angle on the whole blog network thing.

All the blogs and blog posts are city based as opposed to the traditional product or niche based concept.

You'll be able to focus on blogging and we'll take care of all the technical stuff. Of course, we'll value your input for choosing a domain name and customizing your site's colors and header; we'd like it to be a place that you enjoy.

This is a paid position.

Base amount guaranteed for the first 3 months of $100 per month, plus profit sharing - 60% for you - 40% for the network, of everything beyond $100.

We require a 3-month commitment. Ideally, you'll be making enough money and enjoy your partnership with us to the point where you continue to blog with us long term.

You'll need to make 5 posts a week and promote your site by commenting on other blogs, social bookmarking your best posts and establishing your relationship with related blogs and forums.

If you know how to express what's cool and interesting in your city in a way that engages other people, we'd love to have you as part of the Home Turf Media network.
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