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Greentarget Published: April 18, 2017
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Greentarget Seeks Talented Business Writer


Greentarget is currently accepting applications for a freelance writer in Chicago or New York.


Who We Are:


Greentarget is a public relations firm founded in 2005 and focused on directing smarter conversations for B2B organizations. We help our clients contribute to and lead discussions that drive their business objectives and build meaningful relationships. We believe in the principles of journalism and embrace our responsibility to help our clients, representing some of the smartest and best thinkers in the world, contribute to a smarter conversation.


We focus our work in seven primary areas: Media Relations, Research & Market Intelligence, Thought Leadership Development, Executive & Corporate Communications, Crisis & Litigation Communications, Content Development and Digital.


We are a destination for talented, ambitious professionals with deep, abiding intellectual curiosity who want to master our proven process so they can drive unparalleled levels of service, results and value for our clients. Our gritty team seeks out the personal stretch, rises to the challenge of mastering complex business issues and understands that by embracing professional challenges they can thrive in every other aspect of their lives.


We are also a pretty damn fun group of people to work with.


Who We Are Seeking:


Greentarget seeks a talented writer with journalism chops (training or experience) to produce content for and provide editorial guidance to clients of Greentarget, a business-to-business PR firm in Chicago. This gig starts as paid part-time freelance (20-40 hours per month, on retainer) with potential to evolve into a full-time Associate Managing Editor role within a year.


Greentarget represents businesses that sell to other businesses. Most of our clients trade on their expertise — law firms, accounting houses, consulting shops — but others make innovative technology or medical devices. All of them must connect and engage with business decision makers. We help forge those connections by delivering insights via articles, blogs, newsletters, podcasts and other content that serves those audiences — showing them how breaking news, emerging technology and shifting market forces impact their businesses.


If it sounds like business journalism, that’s because it is very much like it. We don’t require any particular knowledge of business though. What we absolutely require is a curiosity about business -- and ideally, a curiosity about everything. We seek a writer who can nerd out a little when assigned to write about the UK’s new tax-evasion policies, or the oil industry’s prospects in 2017, or foreign investment in US real estate. If you don’t find this stuff at least a little interesting, you won’t enjoy the work.


Benefits of this job:

  • You’ll write a lot. Byline articles, blog posts, email alerts, white papers — you’ll do it all as a ghostwriter. You’ll also edit some.
  • You’ll learn a lot, about hot issues for businesses. Also about how businesses work. But especially about how to write a business story — from forming a tight idea to asking the right questions to structuring the piece to striking the right balance between conversational and professional language.
  • You’ll get to interview people, just like a reporter would, to figure out which of their insights and ideas can be made into stories.
  • You’ll get to cover events -- industry conferences and the like -- as a reporter, then write stories about what happened there.
  • You’ll get to work with people who are really cool and fun and good at their jobs.
  • You’ll get to work in the Chicago Board of Trade building (if you live in Chicago) -- a beautiful, historic art deco spot with amazing views in every direction.
  • You’ll have an office to go to in New York.
  • You’ll travel some, but not too much -- probably 3-6 times per year.


Primary Outcomes:

  • Conceive, develop and produce journalistic content for Greentarget clients; could be articles, op-ed columns, blog posts, newsletters, speeches, etc.
  • Attend and cover business conferences sponsored by Greentarget clients to produce well-reported news stories that convey the high level of business intelligence exchanged at those events.
  • Produce consistent and high-quality research reports in conjunction with the Director of Research or account leads serving in that role on individual projects.
  • Engage with Greentarget account teams in conceiving, shaping and implementing new content-based thought leadership strategies and campaigns for clients.
  • Elevate Greentarget’s profile through marketing efforts (specifically the firm’s blog and the regular feature, Recent Reads).


Job Skills and Requirements

  • High-level writing skills; you must be able to express complicated ideas and information in accessible, compelling prose
  • Powerful storytelling skills, including deep understanding of what makes a good story and how it can be structured
  • Excellent communications skills
  • A high level of organization and project management abilities
  • Creative and strategic thinking to find new solutions to problems
  • Comfort working within a fast-paced, dynamic environment


Education and/or Experience:

  • 5-10 years journalism training or experience, preferably in business journalism
  • Residence in Chicago or New York City. Or willingness to move there fairly soon.
  • Computer literacy, including fluency in Word, Excel & PowerPoint
  • Insatiable desire to write and learn
  • Sense of humor


Qualified candidates are encouraged to submit their resume and qualifications to Laura Miller at [email protected].


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