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Brightmetrics Published: April 21, 2011
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We do a weekly blog when we have time (which is at a premium the last couple of months). But we need to be able to do this every week. We are a Business Intelligence/Data Visualization company specializing in tracking KPI and unlocking the data held in our customers systems.
For a sampling of the kinds of blogs we're looking for, check out what we've done to date at Similar blogs that we like are &

Our target customers are small to mid-sized businesses.

These blogs are for our customer's edification, but also for us to build our SEO rankings so you should have SEO experience with key word usage. We like to include at least one graphic in each posting. And each post should be approximately 600-1000 words.

Need to have perfect English and writing skills and the blogs should be professional in nature. This is an ongoing project and we will need one article per week (but if you want to deliver more than one in a week, we can stage it for future publication).
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