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Demand Media Studios Published: June 7, 2011
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Demand Media Studios is hiring writers for eHow Money, a top personal finance site, which helps millions of people take the mystery out of finance and business decisions through credible and informative online articles. We are looking for well qualified writers, bloggers and business/finance professionals to contribute to this site.
As a Demand Media Studios Finance writer, you will be able to write on a variety of topics including personal finance management, home financing, entrepreneurial ventures, investment strategies and others. Articles are short-form, informational and average 300-400 words in length. <a href =\"\">Click here to learn more.</a>

<b>Qualifications</b>: We are looking for one or more of the following from our applicants:

Business, finance or management degree
Demonstrated experience in any business, finance or law fields
Experience writing on business and finance topics
College degree in journalism, English or communications


Choose your topics from thousands of available assignments
Receive editorial guidance and feedback
Twice-a-week payments for all published articles
Typical assignments pay $18.50 per article; you can expect to earn $18 - $25 per hour

<b>Apply Now</b>:

The eHow Money team is a well-qualified group of business and writing professionals. To ensure our visitors are presented with the best advice possible, we screen all applicants for past work experience and their writing ability. If you are interested in being published on eHow Money, please have your resume and a non-fiction writing sample ready and fill out an online application.

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