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Computer Help Published: June 26, 2016
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I am launching a new \"Computer Help\" blog site. Computer-Help site will feature content for consumers/businesses on tips on how to use their computer, basic troubleshooting posts, tips, news on technology. Overall each post needs to somehow \"help\" the consumer in the end with learning about something or help them solve a problem computer related.
Since this website is real new and have limited budget, my idea was on the blog site was to feature writers by showcasing your:
-Links to your social media profiles
-Dedicated Author page for further contact, like if a visitor wants to hire you for writing they know who to contact, or if someone wants further tech help and you want to charge them to assist you can list your rates for assistance

The domain the website will have is 20 years old and used to get 3,000 visitors a month so i think there are a lot of possibilities for exposure for you as a writer if your interested in sharing your writing.

At this time since I have a limited budget my limit per post is $10-$20/post
Although it is LOW I feel that if the site picks up and gains traction, that we can then promote a select group of authors or \"techies\" and get your freelance tech or writing work. Will allow the writers to \"link\" back with do-follows in the content as long as it's not spammy and related to your written post.

Again this domain is 20 years old and PR3 and has potential if people want to take the risk and try this out...

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