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Blogger Needed (to be an Outreach Manager – Say WHAT!?)

Sagashi Labs Published: November 20, 2019
Work can be done remotely
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As a blogger, you might be wondering what an outreach manager is, or why I'm looking for a blogger to do this work.

Basically, I'm an SEO consultant who builds links for clients. I have a team that does this. One of the roles on the team (outreach manager) involves taking the details given to you in a spreadsheet, and then sending email outreach to the target site so that we can get a link from them. We use templates, but you'll make them personal, and handle follow-ups.

So why a blogger for this? Most of these link opportunities will be guest blog posts. You won't be writing those posts, you'll work with contract writers who do. Sometimes, the post will be 90% there but will need some tweaking. Instead of lots of back and forth between you and the writer, it's easier if you can do it directly. If the writer sends a 70% complete post, then you kick it back to them. So I need my outreach managers to have good blog writing/editing skills.

That's the gig. It's a lot easier and steadier work than starting with a blank page for a living and once you get the hang of it, it's pretty stress-free work.

You'll need exceptional writing, editing, communication, and organizational skills. You will be working across several client accounts, and working with a team of freelancers to make sure the trains run on time, and that we're hitting the targets we set out to hit.

The right candidate is:
- A native English speaker, based in Canada (ideal), USA (ideal), Australia, UK, South Africa, Ireland, or New Zealand.
- Have exceptional communication skills
- Be able to perform email outreach and manage dozens of emails a day
- Very comfortable using Google sheets
- Be able to work with small remote teams (generally based in the Philippines)
- Comfortable negotiating the terms of link placements when necessary (I can always help when needed)
- You need to be able to manage dozens of email conversations in short time periods and shepherd those communications to make sure we meet our goals
- Can work with writers, and perform quick, direct edits on the fly to keep the process moving for guest blog posts.

To apply:
- Let me know your availability and hourly rate. For guidance the range I'm consider for this role is USD$15-$30 an hour. I don't know how many hours I'll need, but I imagine at least 10 hours a week, if not 20.
- Highlight any relevant experience you have.
- Send my links to writing samples you have, or attach pdfs, etc. I like clean, direct writing where the prose serves the message of the piece (for example: Paul Graham essays), instead of handwaving, fluffly prose that gets in the way or tries too hard to persuade.
- Let me know if you're organized, have attention to detail, and enjoy working with Google Sheets
- Include the word "Nepal" at the top of your application.
- Let me know where you're physically based these days (so I can coordinate time zones).

There may also be a practical exercise where I get you to draft sample emails so I can see your communication style and skills, and I may ask for reference checks. So only apply if you're comfortable with these.

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