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McDougall Inetractive Published: July 7, 2017
Anywhere (We are in the Boston area)
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Looking for Bloggers for our digital agency. We have 3 sites and are sorting a new strategy.

Agency site:

Blog about digital marketing but with a focus on building authority from blogging, writing books, social, seo, PR, Public speaking etc.:

Legal marketing blog we haven't updated much lately:

Looking for a new strategy. Would like one of the sites to have 2-3 posts a week and the other two sites, one or two a month.

We have some writers we work with and write some ourselves but very open to ideas.

Considering applications for monthly or weekly columns from specialists in a particular topic.

Posts will be 1,500 words +. Sometimes we will do some 3k word posts such as does. In depth content with screenshots is the vibe we want.

Since we do advanced SEO for clients, if someone writes on SEO for us it can't me run of the mill.

We follow  Neil Patel, Jon Morrow, Jeff Bullas, Copyblogger, Problogger, Hubspot, Search Engine Land etc.

Our main topical area overview is Search.Social.Content.

We do more with professional service companies, law firms, banks, colleges than eCommerce.

We promote content that is great for organic search and spread on social. blogging, building authority, etc. etc.

We would like at least one social media writer and one SEO / content marketing writer (unless one person really gets both in depth).

Super rough off the top of my head ideas for things we might approve:

A series on LinkedIn to build authority
A primer on Local SEO / Google + and Google My Business
How to set up call tracking and track ROI
Budgeting for digital marketing in 2018
Understanding the buyers journey and how to use it
5 action steps for using Google Search Console to clean up technical SEO problems
How to turn a podcast from ghostown to happening hot spot in 9 essential steps
Using Google Analytics  to improve user experience and SEO
A series on blogging for business
6 writing tips every entrepreneur should master asap
How to promote blog posts using social media
A deep dive into Facebook ads
How to get buy in for advanced content marketing
5 ways to improve your mobile marketing strategy  in 2018
7 examples of powerful calls to action for professional service companies

Etc. Etc.

If you excel in juts one area like you are a master of Facebook for business marketing or Google Analytics, feel free to suggest a deep dive in just that area. We would rather have writers who really know the subject well.

We may also want help re-writing our website pages for our agency website redesign.

Please send examples of blog posts about digital marketing and ideally a ballpark on how you charge.



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