JobGen Job Generation ltd Published: February 25, 2016
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Seeking blogger to post a min of 3 blogs a day. one on each of 3 related topics. Overall goal of each blog is to inspire job seekers. Nothing but great news in these 3 areas: 1) industries experiencing rapid growth -over 5% a year. 2) news of companies about to hire. 3) sale or success of small startups- not the billion dollar sale but someone making a good living by having started their own business. A 4th area is interviews with people who have found or created a job- some of these are on the blog now. I am open to related topics that accomplish the same goal of attracting and inspiring job seekers. We are just getting started. 2nd goat is to have readers act on one of the 4 calls to action on the blog. Link to blog in at success stories or at bottom of home page.
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