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Blog writer – Focused on testing & product management of mobile and web applications

Applause GmbH Published: December 4, 2016
Work can be done remotely
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Mid-sized Business


About Applause:

Applause is the global leader in crowdsourced testing of mobile, web and IoT applications.

With a community of more than 250.000 testers, companies can test their digital products on all devices, in any country and under real conditions. See the video for more details:

Applause has been founded 9 years ago and is backed with 110 million $ lead by Accenture, Credit Suisse among others.

With offices in Boston, San Mateo, Berlin, Tel-aviv - Applause is the global player for mobile application testing.

About the required industry knowledge

We look for somebody who can relate to the following terms:

Mobile - iOS / Android development, Quality assurance, Jenkins, Continuous Integration, Product Management, User Experience, Test automation, Test cases, exploratory testing.

Our target group are companies which have a digital business modell and own products like apps, websites, wearables. This ranges from startups to multinational enterprises. We help those companies achieve a great quality for those products and make sure that they work in the hand of the endconsumers. We do so by testing them with our community of testers (crowdsourcing model)

From our target customers, we mostly speak with their product managers, head of quality assurance, digital transformation managers, head of e-commerce, CTOs, head of engineering,

About the job:

  • Weekly content pieces of 1.000 to 1.400 words. Ongoing.
  • Conversational tone - and current best practices. (Publishing will be done via medium & linkedin pulse)
  • Fully formated sections - including pictures (we pay for them or design them for you)
  • Topics will range from best practice guides, review of new tools/trends, howtos, industry news.

About the payment:

We will be paying between 150$ (simple piece) to 300$ (more complex piece) per post.

About the application to become a regular contributor:

Please have a look at our company description, industry, our competitors (e.g. bugfinders or perfecto mobile), and our concept (see video above) to come up with three headlines and explain quickly why you think those would make sense.

If the headlines fit to our strategy, then we'll ask you to write 1 content piece.

If we like the post, we will pay for it and you become our regular contributor. If it does not meet our standards, we will not use it and you'll have full rights to the post.


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