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UK Voiceovers Published: March 30, 2020
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Mid-sized Business


Seeking well-educated writers fluent in English. Article topics are related to work, from an intelligent perspective for adults anywhere in the world. Articles should give practical, immediately actionable information for anyone, anywhere.

Some example topics are:
-What does a blogger do?
-What work-at-home customer service jobs are available and how do you get them?
-How do I set up my remote home office?

*Length is 2,000 words for one article.

*You will be given guidelines and a structure to follow. It works and WILL make you a better writer.

You'll be asked to make reasonable revisions so that the article complies with the basic guidelines (see below). You'll be working with an experienced editor and get excellent feedback and ideas to improve your skills.

Style and content requirements:
*Write in a conversational tone that's appropriate for blogs and for adults; using me-to-you 2nd person.
*Use actual sources, examples, and data, and NOT your personal opinions and generalizations
*Include at least 2 external authority links (reputable newspapers, governmental sites, credible databases, etc.) in your writing
*Big, unnecessary words = bad. Short and short = GOOD!

Thank you and I look forward to your bids and to hiring you.


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