wants writers who care about privacy and technology Published: May 17, 2017
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Do you care about privacy?

Does the ongoing war against privacy by corporate and government interests worry you?

Do you use Full Disk Encryption, 2FA, and a VPN? (Bonus Points if you have a PGP key, too).

Can you make sense of the alphabet soup of ISPEC, OpenVPN, PPTP and other protocols?

Are you really good at explaining these things to a general audience?

Then read on, there's a chance we have a place for you at

About Us is a new site with one mission: provide the most accurate VPN reviews and privacy resources to our audience.

Spoiler Alert: Most VPN reviews on the internet suck.  They're written solely to promote an affiliate program, and rankings are often based on whoever pays the most.

Many of our competitors use third world writers from the backstreets of Bangladesh to write boilerplate reviews. The kind of people who wouldn't know what IPSEC was if you tried hitting them with a CISCO router.


Skilled Writers who are:

  • passionate about privacy and technology
  • able to explain technical concepts to a general audience
  • committed (nay, obsessive) about quality, accuracy and attention to detail in their work.
  • Deadline Driven - we're a business, you're not writing the Great American Novel. Deadlines are holy.
  • Willing to work how we ask - we're pretty laid back, but we have a system that works for us and we expect you to follow it.

Sidebar: Deadlines are really important to us. The amount of freelancers who seem to have heart attacks and tragic car accidents the night before a deadline is something of a medical anomaly.

If you can't make deadlines, or you're a chronic procrastinator, DON'T APPLY, please.


Who We're looking for:

  1. Native english speakers.
  2. Excellent writing skills
  3. Strong research skills
  4. Basic technical skills
  5. Ability to work on their own.

Working Conditions

If you have the skills, we'll pay the bills.

We're a fully remote team, from the islands of East Asia, to the mountains of South America, to the windswept plains of Middle America.

We use Trello, Google Docs and other fun technologies to keep our team in touch.

We don't care when or where you work (as long as you meet Deadlines, obviously).

We have a strong preference for writers who can deliver a high quality and quantity of work. Some of our writers do 10k words a week.

We pay every 2 weeks, via PayPal, Wire Transfer, Chase QuickPay, and even

To apply, please use this google form:

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