Bargain Blogger Published: November 7, 2011
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Are you a savvy shopper? Do you live like Dom Perignon on a Pabst Blue Ribbon budget? Do you dig up deals like a bloodhound seeking out a buried bone? If this sounds like you, read on:
We are looking for a few new bloggers to have their own weekly feature dispensing shopping advice, doing product reviews and offering up tips and tricks to help readers shop smarter, spend wisely and become better consumers.

Our current needs are for bloggers with expertise in the following areas:

1. Home decor on a budget
2. Budget Travel
3. Green/natural products
4. General smart consumerism/current events

We pay a modest flat fee (you would be an independent contractor and would invoice us monthly) with a bonus structure that compensates for traffic, reader engagement, etc. Ideally you already have an established blog with a built-in audience or are an expert in blog promotion/social media because we WANT to pay out bonuses.

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