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B2B Writer Wanted For Ongoing Work

Epic Presence Published: February 13, 2019
Work can be done remotely
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Epic Presence, a five-year old content marketing agency, is seeking a writer to help our team create long form blog posts (1000–2500 words) that can engage readers and help grow the audience of our clients' websites.


This position is open immediately to start at 1 article per week. That translates to 5–6 hours of work. The position has the potential to grow into 3 articles (approx. 20 hours per week) quickly for any writer who engages with the work at an especially thoughtful level, always makes deadlines and demonstrates a willingness to take on additional responsibilities.


We write for all kinds of industries, so you should have a range of B2B writing experience and be curious about all types of industries.


This role isn’t for everyone. Our content formats are quite formulaic, and it requires a true creative skill to turn these into interesting, engaging reads. The content is ghostwritten, as well. Only in rare instances do you get a byline.


The workload isn’t for everyone, either. Our clients hire us because we dig deep into the research and learn about their industries quickly. This places some crucial responsibilities on our writers. We expect everyone to get their hands dirty during the research phase, strive to develop a comprehensive understanding of each client’s industry, quickly become conversant in technical concepts and meet deadlines each week.


In return, we can offer regular, recurring work, and we pay in advance. You will be supported by a team of writers and editors who enjoy working together and enjoy making each other better writers. Furthermore, we try to ensure your time is protected. You can work whenever you want without having to spend time managing clients, chasing down payments or handling any of the other unpaid aspects of freelancing.


Starting pay is in the ballpark of $20 per hour, or $120 per article.


If this seems like a fit, please send a brief introductory email with the best two long form B2B posts that you have published to [email protected] Ideally, these will be online articles, and you can just send us links. Also, please put “B2B Blog Posts Attached" in the subject line.


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