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Boxentriq Published: March 19, 2019
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Boxentriq is a (soon to be released) mobile game of enigmatic puzzles and code-breaking. In addition to the game, there is a code-breaking guide on the website that will both serve as help to players and to generate website traffic on topics of interest to the target audience for the game. Typical topics are things such as Vigenère cipher and Pigpen cipher. The code-breaking guide contains articles bundled with relevant tools (for example Vigenère cipher decoder/encoder).

I am looking for a highly skilled freelance writer to produce high quality articles for this code-breaking guide. You will work with a lot of flexibility and creative freedom, as much as the topics allow. Great skills with the English language is a must. Article quality is more important than price.


I don't need any generic pitches and CVs. What I need is answers to these questions:

1. What experience do you have with brainteasers, puzzles and ciphers? Do you have any favorites?

2. Have you previously written about related topics? Links to samples will be appreciated.

3. Please provide links to your social profiles and any blogs/websites you have.

4. If you were to improve this article on Pigpen cipher (, what would you suggest doing?

5. What approximate rate would you expect for the improved Pigpen cipher article?

6. Which single word can you make using all these letters? ruonucnmd

Apply by sending an email to johan (at) with the subject "I am your article writer".

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