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Sporting Charts Published: December 31, 2012
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Are PER, PECOTA, CORSI and DVOA part of your everyday sports vocabulary? Did Trout vs. Cabrera end a few friendships this year?
If you're a stats geek who loves to write about sports we'd love to talk to you and add you to the team.

We're, a site dedicated to changing the way people view sports statistics. We are focused on building tools that shed light on player and team performance in new and expanded ways.

We’re looking for writers to contribute articles on the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and sports betting that provide insights into the world of sports and build upon the tools of the site. The goal is to have our content provide deeper insight and understanding into the world of sports.

Articles can cover a range of topics including player and team performance over a season or career. For example, an article could cover the declining production of Alex Ovechkin over his career or how a few key statistics (like FG% or Rebounds) determine whether a team makes the playoffs or not.

Note: we are not looking for game recaps or sports news content.

Contributors are paid on a per-post basis with byline.

So if you’re sports fanatic and stats geek who can provide detailed analysis with statistical backing written in an easily digestible manner, please contact us.
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