Are you a man’s man? Freelance Writer who isn’t a sissy?

Bad Ass Work Gear Published: December 16, 2015
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We're Bad Ass Work Gear, a man's brand that sells tough gear for tough men.
We're looking for a writer / blogger who can speak to our audience - smart, entertaining, and has been punched in the face a time or two.

We're real men. We hunt, we fish, we build stuff with our hands. If you've ever gotten a pedicure, we probably wouldn't relate.

For example, I've caught an alligator with my bare hands, I've been in a 15 on 2 brawl with a bunch of cowboys in a Whataburger (We didn't win, and I lost a tooth in that one), and I've won a poker tournament even after I was too drunk to see my cards.

We're looking for someone who can replace me to write for our blog.

A blue collar guy, that worked his way up out of the pits of hell, but still likes to get his hands dirty on occasion.

Topics would include things like:

• Work Safety
• Safety Apparel
• How to be Man
• Cool Blue Collar Gigs
• Men's Lifestyle
• Awesome Hobbies
• Etc.

Preference to someone with a safety background or that has a good knowledge of the oilfield.

We are looking for EPIC content. Not this 7 ways to turn a wrench, shit.

• 2000+ word posts
• EPIC guides a la quicksprout style
• Entertaining, a little bit of attitude - just don't be a dick

This gig is offered on a freelance basis with no set publishing schedule.

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