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Experts123 Published: August 17, 2010
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Experts123 is a fast growing community of expert contributors. We are looking for freelance writers to create informative short form articles for our site and our clients. We are specifically looking for freelance writers as expert columnists. We have a variety of topics for columnists. We currently have the most need for flat fee articles related to insurance, automotive, and home services.
• Variety of assignments; flat fee assignments and revenue share articles or questions
• Revenue Share Royalties with added bonuses and incentives
• Expert Columnists suggest and choose their own titles in their expertise
• Share your expertise with the world. Get noticed and promote your product, service or website
• Editorial feedback and support
• Flexibility. Publish around your schedule

JOB RESPONSIBILITIES (Regular Assignments)
• Assignments are typically short articles (250-600 words in length) that are due within 1-2 days after you accept the assignment
• Articles must be well-written, on topic, informative
• Assignments must follow the provided style guide / assignment criteria

• Columnists have to commit to publishing on a regular schedule. Typically 2-4 articles per month
• Articles must be well-written, on topic, informative

• Ability to write engaging copy that is concise, creative, and witty
• Ability to work with editorial feedback
• Excellent writing and grammatical skills
• Attention to detail
• Columnists must be able to prove their qualifications in their area of expertise

A recent quote from one of our writers:
"The website has gotten better at an incredible rate over the last couple weeks here. Even before the changes to the website were made your articles, site function and pay scale were among the best. Now, when I deal with other freelance brokers like this, I wish it was as good as Experts123."
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