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Online Schools Published: April 27, 2010
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Info Graphic Script WriterWe need writers to craft high quality and unique scripts to be drawn into info graphics. The scripts are based on a specific topic and contain 15-20 main points of data.

Examples at


-Approximately 500 words
-Research must be performed through legitimate sources with citations.
-Emphasis on authoritative data which fascinates the reader.
-Topics will be on a single subject (e.g. Online Dating, North Korea, Google ) and writer develops 15-20 of the BEST and MOST INTERESTING points to explain the subject in full.
-Writer brainstorms up topics and also receives prompts from manager.
-Only responsible for content, don't have to worry about aesthetic direction, we will take care of that.
-We can pay for as many scripts as you can write, provided each meet our criteria for quality.
-We prefer 3-5 scripts a week production.


-Guides (Everything you wanted to know about ninjas)
-15 Things You Didn't Know About
-How-to (How to grenades work)


-Each script pays $50 via PayPal.

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