Animal & Pet Experts – NATIONAL EDITION Published: March 17, 2010
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Description seeks veterinarians, pet specialists, trainers, breeders, or other animal lovers who have expertise in, and passion for, a particular pet-related subject. NATIONAL Examiners are topic experts with strong writing skills who desire to share their knowledge with others.​​​​​ They have their own page on our website complete with a photo and a bio which may also include links to their personal blog/site. As a result of their work on our site, Examiners have increased their online audience, improved their personal brand recognition, and become the go-to experts about their topics.​​​​​​​ In short, professionals associated with Examiner.​​​​​​​com have found that their work has opened doors to greater opportunities.​​​​​​​ Some examples of topic titles we seek to fill within our NATIONAL Pets category include:

â–º Bird Examiner
â–º Cat Rescue Examiner
â–º Cat Supplies Examiner
â–º Dog Grooming Examiner
â–º Dog Health Examiner
â–º Dog Rescue Examiner
â–º Dog Supplies Examiner
â–º Ferret Examiner
â–º First Dog Examiner
â–º Fish Examiner
â–º Horse Examiner
â–º Mixed Breed Examiner
â–º Pet Insurance Examiner
â–º Pet Laws Examiner
â–º Pet Monkey Examiner
â–º Pet Rodent Examiner
â–º Pet-Friendly Places Photography Examiner
â–º Petfinder Examiner
â–º Pot-Bellied Pig Examiner
â–º Reptile Examiner
â–º Service Animal Examiner
â–º and many other breed-specific titles available


Animal Policy Examiner
Great Dane Examiner
Pet News Examiner
Pet-Friendly Travel Examiner


☻ Your articles appear on your own page of, a site with over 17 million unique monthly visitors
☻ Creative freedom to decide what to write about within your topic and you retain rights to your content
☻ Free access to AP photos & other tools
☻ You decide where and when to write
☻ Become highly visible on search engines
☻ Promote you knowledge, work and boost your personal brand
☻ Expand your credibility and reputation as the go-to expert while building an audience and fan base
☻ Easy to use publishing system
☻ Free training and support for effective online publishing and search engine marketing (SEM)
☻ Share and learn using our network of subject matter insiders - the largest in the world
☻ No fees or start-up costs


Most people become Examiners because of the exposure they receive from being on a Top 100 website and the additional opportunities that result from it. Examiners are independent contractors and receive competitive pay based on posting frequency and internet variables including page views, subscriptions, session length, and advertiser interest. Plainly, this isn’t a job that will support you. Your rewards come from your exposure and your ability to expand your audience. So, your efforts as an Examiner can definitely pay off.


☻ Credible, passionate and knowledgeable subject matter expert
☻ Able to tell engaging stories using solid writing skills (spelling, grammar, etc.)
☻ Access to timely, accurate information within the topic and able to provide a national angle
☻ Ability to keep their Examiner page current, which usually means publishing a minimum of 3 - 4 brief (200-400 words) articles per week
☻ Desire to build their readership, understand their audience, and be the expert
☻ Interest in online/SEO writing
☻ Technically savvy; able to learn and utilize web/publishing tools and internet applications
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