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100k words/month @ $0.045/word Media/Entertainment/Lifestyle Editorial Writer Wanted

LRF Holdings LLC Published: November 7, 2022
Work can be done remotely
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Seeking music editorial writers for blog receiving 1m+ organic visitors per month.

Candidates must be familiar with "listicle" style blog content, as well as media/lifestyle and entertainment journalism.

Pay is .045/word @ moderate-high volume, 100k+ words per month. 100k words is $4500.

This is a 1099/independent contractor/freelance role. You will be paid through PayPal invoicing.

If you prove that you can maintain 100k words per month at excellent quality standards, and want more words & articles, then you can receive up to 150k words per month for your workload ($6750 per month @ 150k words).

You need to be able to consistently reach 100k words per month on articles ranging from 1000-8000 words in length.

You will be required to have a writer profile consisting of a personal headshot, a small blurb about you,  and 1-4 social links. This profile is visible on all posts where you are the main contributing writer and an author "about"  page.

If you're skilled at analyzing search engines for given keywords, and you love music and media/lifestyle/entertainment journalism, then this role could be for you.

Essentially, you'd be researching artists/bands/songs/genres/etc. from the past & present to create content for the website.

You would receive a list of article titles with corresponding keywords and word counts every month, and you would need to work on and submit articles in batches for review every Thursday.

After the content is reviewed, you will either be asked to make some edits/changes, or the order will be accepted and it will be added to a billable bi-weekly PayPal invoice.

The only hard deadline is to have all orders completed in a month, but please expect to work on these projects every week to submit articles for review every Thursday.

Some content will be 1000-1500 words in length, while others are longer pieces that are 3000-6000+ words in length.

To give you a rough estimate of time to complete, 1000-1500 word articles should be researched, written, lightly edited and submitted in around 1-2.5 hours. 3000-6000+ word articles should be researched, written, lightly edited & submitted in 4-8 hours.

Much of the content you'll be writing will be somewhat formulaic and easily researchable in search engines. You need to be skilled at analyzing search engine results and creating quality, competitive, & highly unique content for the blog.

However, it's not "SEO optimized content". You'll be a "music/media/lifestyle writer/journalist" who is gathering information from search results and writing freely to fit the evergreen topic & keyword of the article.

It's a "balancing act" with the content creation, but one that a talented journalist with a solid understanding of "SEO best practices" can perfect in relatively short periods of time.

- Native English is required.
- Must have relevant blog-style writing samples.
- A great passion for music and an ability to write about a broad range of music topics without subject matter expertise (though, it's better if you do have some).

- Capacity to write around 5-20 articles per week (25,000 words/week approximately @ varying article lengths).
Excellent writing style.
- Strong research skills.
- Ability to show personality in your writing.

If you're interested in this role, please reply to the job ad explaining why you think you'd be a good fit and include your experience/writing samples that you think would be relevant to the type of content you'd be creating.

Please keep in mind this is a role that requires consistent, quality (but not perfect) output. If you don't think you can keep up with the workload, it would be better that you don't apply.

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