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The World's Best Ideas, Summarized

Company Information

Shortform (https://www.shortform.com) is a product featuring summaries of the best non-fiction books and articles. Shortform improves on existing products by focusing on actionables, creating more in-depth summaries, and building a community helping each other learn.

What Our Customers Say:

+ "Your product's most valuable benefits to me are the peace of mind that I'm not missing out on any key ideas, the satisfaction of being able to grasp a high-quality book with such speed and ease, and thereby gaining understanding of subjects that interest me, and have educated things to talk about and build on."

+ "You guys really hit it out of the park again with the “48 Laws” summary! I’ve never seen such a complete yet concise summary of this book. The exercises are perfect – not overwhelming or meager, but just right. Thanks for making me smarter every day…"

About Us:
+ We’re passionate about helping people get the best ideas and use them to improve their lives. We cover the best books and content in personal growth, business, psychology, relationships, and more.

+ We care about impact at scale - we want to grow to support millions of daily readers.

+ Our founding team has previously built profitable and enduring companies in education and technology.

Check us out here and read about our principles here: https://www.shortform.com/about/

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