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  • March 26, 2021

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Accounting Term Paper Topics

  • Accounting Systems

This paper presents a dissension on the relevancy of agrarian based accounting software and it's relevancy in the e-commerce age.

  • Accounting Issues in the Present and Future

A paper that will write my paper on that topic will analyze three companies pertaining to accounting issues namely WorldCom, Enron and Adelphia

  • Accounting Issues in the Present and Future

This is an 8-page paper that analyzes three companies pertaining to accounting issues namely WorldCom, Enron and Adelphia.

  • Accounting Profits and Economic Profits.

This paper is written for a microeconomics class. It compares and contrasts accounting profits with economic profits and analyzes how the economist's view profits using both concepts.

  • Accounting Software Packages.

This is a paper that covers a hypothetical situation of a company that researches the accounting software products in the market and implements one that is most beneficial for its productivity.

  • Accounting and Finance Management.

This paper is a review of subjects in several articles on accounting and financial management, considering the effect that public information released by corporations and accounting firms has on stock prices.

  • Accounting and Financial Management.

This paper examines the profession of accounting and that of financial management and the different issues both address, as shown primarily by the book "Fundamentals of Financial Management" by Eugene F. Brigham.

  • Accounting for Decision Making

This paper analyzes a case study of Creative Consumer Consultants, Ltd. (CCC) in terms of cost allocation methods used to account for non-traceable costs both fixed and not, suggesting what would happen if the current allocation system based on total billings, with a new system allocating the costs evenly and showing how this would depress the earnings of most offices. Use a help of case study writers to make your paper more informative.

  • Accounting- Audit Softwares and customized SAP R/3.

This paper discusses how since the introduction of SAP R/3, internal audit departments of many large organizations around the world have struggled to gain an understanding of the impact that such an all-encompassing system is having on their organizations.

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  • Accounting: The Differences Between Financial And Management Accounts. It Is Not Just A Question Of Legality.

Perhaps one of the most prominent discussions involving accounting has to do with the differences between financial and management accounts. Some regard these differences to be a question of legality. Companies are required by law to submit financial statements based on certain requirements. On the other hand, management accounting can be structured to suit the needs of the company. However, the fact that firms can structure their management accounting statements according to their needs might lead one to suggest that major differences between these two systems relate to practicality. With this in mind, it is hypothesised that while legal issues are important for determining the differences between financial and management accounting they are not the only considerations, one must also consider the extent to which practical considerations contribute to the development of these differences.

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