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Gentlemen Of Greatness

Company Information

When starting Next Luxury, the magazine for today's gentleman, we asked ourselves, "What is a man?" To us and to our readers, a true man is a gentleman who exudes sophistication, charm and a romantic spirit. He is modern, has integrity and principles. He enjoys luxury, yet he feeds off of intellectual pursuits and seeks greater knowledge about himself and the world around him. He turns heads and garners respect, not because he forces it. That respect is just inherent in who he is, as a man.

Next Luxury is not just a magazine. It is a movement of like-minded gentlemen who share the same positive ideals and enjoy exuding this modern manliness of sleek sophistication. We provide resources you want and information you need to remain on top of the latest methods of maintaining your appeal and social stature.

Sometimes it is the small things which matter most. We see this as true, when we deliver content regarding subjects like how to properly wear tie clips or groom your beard. We also delve into complex relationships, where no stone is left unturned.

Our male-centric approach to editorialization includes engaging and insightful content about travel, cuisine, health, style, wealth and much more. Although "boys love their toys," we are not stereotypically just focused upon cars, gear and gadgets. But the Buyer's Guide does present a massive array of the best products for men.

Our purpose is, as it has been from the beginning, to provide men of substance with the lifestyle insights they seek toward their own presentation as the gentlemen they aspire to be. We aim to help gentlemen of today continue evolving with the world around them, yet, retain the positive qualities of the most accomplished men of history.

Gentlemen are unafraid of acknowledging their weaknesses. Doing so with self-assured confidence is the very definition of a gentleman. At Next Luxury, we provide information and connections for a man's personal growth, education and continual refinement. Our questions (asked by you) and answers content provides a network of engagement in peer discussions, shared knowledge, entertainment and camaraderie among - you guessed it - other men.

Promotion of optimism and positive perspective regarding life are ongoing goals of Next Luxury, freeing readers from the murky distractions of the everyday. If you are the Next Luxury gentleman, the type of man who desires to be the best he can, our magazine is exactly what you seek.

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