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The most effective and fastest way to combat mold in your home is to use the services of a professional Guru Restoration service. Specialists will conduct a thorough examination of the surfaces, identify all foci of infestation with special equipment, determine the causes of fungus and advise on effective preventive measures.

In just a few hours you can destroy mold on the walls and then quietly remove the traces of the unpleasant neighbors. Without fear that dangerous and unpleasant stains will reappear on the surfaces.

Professional mold removal consists of several steps:

  • Identifying the locations of fungal colonies. Mold can appear in the most unexpected and hard-to-reach places. With the help of a thermal imaging camera, the company's specialists will identify the centers under wallpaper, behind baseboards, plastic and wood paneling.
  • Local cleaning of affected areas, including the use of power tools (drill, grinder, rotary hammers).
  • Disinfection of fungus in the apartment by dry treatment (hot or cold fog) with the use of special agents that kill mold colonies, but are safe for people and animals.
  • Development of effective measures to prevent new outbreaks of fungus and mold (advice on replacing plumbing equipment, adjusting plastic windows to prevent condensation, eliminating leaks, etc.).

As practice shows, the independent extermination of mold, the price of which is unreasonably high, does not bring results in 90% of cases. Even after completing all the recommendations of the specialists (replacement of ventilation, overhaul, compliance with the normal regime of humidity and heat), the owners can find an unpleasant neighbourhood. Guru Restoration's mold and mildew control service will treat the room in such a way that costly renovations will not be necessary.

Destruction of fungus and mold in the apartment, with the help of high-tech equipment, antifungal agents penetrate deeply into the walls and protect the owners from pathogens for a long time. Of course, provided the future observance of elementary rules: often ventilate the house, do not create hothouse conditions in the house and monitor the humidity in the bathroom. A tough battle with fungus on the walls of your home can be over the day you contact a professional Guru Restoration company. Don't put up with the dangerous neighborhood, a mold removal service will get rid of the problem once and for all.

In addition, we also provide room waterproofing and flood restoration services. We do this very well, so you will make the right choice if you look to us.


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