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A Free 7-Day Course to
Create New Content

Does your blog need a momentum boost? We've decided to run a LIVE 7-day Content Sprint to help support you create a plan and 6 new pieces of content for your blog in just 7 days. 

Each day for 7 days you'll have a video tutorial, content topic, homework task as well as supporting resources like worksheets and further reading.

In this FREE 7-Day Content Sprint, ProBlogger founder Darren Rowse will guide you through the following 7 lessons:

1.  Brainstorming - mapping out a week of creating 6 different types of content

2. "How To" Content - what do you know how to do that you could teach others

3. Link Posts - a clever way to curate and add value for your readers

4. Tell a Story - Different types of stories you can share with your readers

5. Embedded Content - Another way to curate content with tips on sourcing and attribution

6. Myth Busting - how to debunk a myth or common misconception

7. Review Posts - what to review and how to review it on your blog 

Your Teacher:

Darren Rowse


Darren is a veteran of 15 years blogging, having created numerous blogs and demonstrating you can make a good living as a blogger.

Sounds great - I'm ready to get started!