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7-day Content Sprint

A Free 7-Day Course to
Create New Content

Does your blog need a momentum boost? We've decided to run a LIVE 7-day Content Sprint to help support you create a plan and 6 new pieces of content for your blog in just 7 days. 

Starting next week (Monday 23rd at 5pm PDT/8pm EDT / Tuesday 24th at 11AM AEDT) Darren will be teaching live daily on FB in our ProBlogger Community Facebook Group (join here). Each day for 7 days we'll roll out supporting resources here in the course and add the video in case you can't make it live.

We really are creating this on the fly, so we'll keep you updated via email as to what to expect each day! Don't be concerned that there are no lessons added to the course yet - they're coming!

In this FREE 7-Day Content Sprint, ProBlogger founder Darren Rowse will guide you through the following 7 lessons:

1.  Brainstorming - mapping out a week of creating 6 different types of content​​

2. "How To" Content - what do you know how to do that you could teach others

3. Link Posts - a clever way to curate and add value for your readers

4. Tell a Story - Different types of stories you can share with your readers

5. Embedded Content - Another way to curate content with tips on sourcing and attribution

6. Myth Busting - how to debunk a myth or common misconception

7. Review Posts - what to review and how to review it on your blog 

Your Teacher:

Darren Rowse


Darren is a veteran of 15 years blogging, having created numerous blogs and demonstrating you can make a good living as a blogger.

Sounds great - I'm ready to get started!