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Blogging on the Bleeding Edge: Create Content that Gets Liked, Shared, and Talked About

Posted By Guest Blogger 18th of December 2012 Writing Content 0 Comments

This guest post is by Glen Andrews of Glen-Andrews.com.

There are two types of content…

Regurgitated content. This is content, or information, that’s been shared throughout a niche for years. It doesn’t really excite anyone anymore. It’s considered useful, but it’s “old hat.”

As an example, in the blogging niche (my niche) regurgitated content would be writing an article about hashtags, setting up a Facebook page, or discussing the importance of creating videos.

These are all worthwhile strategies to write about, especially if your blog is about social media. We all need to paint the full picture for those entering social media (our niche) for the first time. So discussing old strategies is always a smart thing to do.

However, regurgitated content won’t thrust you to the forefront of your market. Which brings me to our second type of content.

What’s happening now content. This is “bleeding edge” content that’s new to your market.

When Google rolled out its new algorithm (Panda/Penguin) the people aware of these “insider” updates were seen as the experts. Then, these so-called “insiders” created some of the first articles, posts, and videos about Google’s new algorithms.

These insiders are also the ones who receive masses of likes, shares, and tweets from their fan base. Which in turn, helps them build an even bigger fan base.

When you share breaking news, people want to be on your newsletter list, they want to read your blog, and they want to follow you on social media sites.

Here’s the good news. Anyone can become an insider, as I’m about to explain.

But first, here are four things that occur when we produce “what’s happening now” content.

The benefits of bleeding-edge content

  1. We have the ability to help and inspire others.
  2. We’re viewed as experts on the “cutting edge” of our niche.
  3. Our content gets shared, liked, and talked about more often.
  4. We get an opportunity to earn an exceptional income online.

You might be saying, “Don’t most blogs get these benefits?”

No! Most blogs have good content, but not “what’s happening now” content, blogged from the bleeding edge.

Becoming an insider

Here’s how you can become an insider in your niche, and publish the best bleeding-edge content.

Finding other insiders

First, find out who the top three leaders are in your niche and follow their every move. Get their newsletters and RSS feeds sent to your email, and follow them on Twitter. This will immediately tip you off when something new is about to unfold in your niche.

When you find some killer bleeding-edge content, create an article, post, or video, and discuss the affects this news may have on your niche. Then of course, you’ll share it with your base.

Finding policy makers

So you’re probably wondering—where do I find these niche leaders?

You want to locate the people who make the rules. For example, in my niche, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are just a few of the “policy makers” I follow. These are the people who make the policies that affect everyone online.

It helps to get your information straight from the decision makers themselves. However, I could also follow Searchengineland.com for SEO. I could follow SocialMediaExaminer.com for all things social media.

You want your finger on the pulse of what’s happening next, and the only way to do that is to know the decision-makers in your market.

Blogging on the bleeding edge

Have you identified the decision-makers in your market? Are you able to respond quickly when they report critical news? What are your strategies for creating great content that gets liked, shared and re-tweeted? Share your ideas in the comments.

Glen Andrews has created niche sites, ebooks, and info products that produce a steady reliable income. Glen is dedicated to helping entrepreneurs create and market a blog online that makes them money.

About Guest Blogger
This post was written by a guest contributor. Please see their details in the post above.
  1. Good post Glen.

    When I think about why I want people to share my posts I try to remember WHY I share posts in the first place.

    We share something because we want to be the first to report “the latest” to everybody it’s like, “You heard it from me first.” boom I win yaay!

    You’re right. Simply being the messenger of the new information gives you the impression of an expert or something, especially if you are consistent.

    Very good tips thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Darnell, it definitely helps to be one of the first to deliver breaking news. Thanks for the feedback Darnell.

  2. Love these tips! It’s so simple but makes so much sense. I need to go find my niche leaders now… :) Thanks!

  3. Good points Glen – definitely noticed it in my own readership when I share something fresh as opposed to recycled content. I’m in the fitness niche so a TON of recycled content and circular arguments get thrown around the blogosphere ad nauseum. I write interesting & engaging content but this ‘bleeding-edge’ stuff has definitely interested me in keeping my ear to the ground on more of the breaking research. Thanks man.

    • Hey Christopher, the fitness niche (like so many others) is super competitive. Giving our audience a reason to pay attention to us will give us that competitive edge.

      Thanks for the comment Christopher!

  4. Great advice. Trying to get your articles shared is something that most bloggers struggle with but once you get the ball rolling everything seems to fall into place.

  5. Right on DJ. Creating momentum takes the most effort. Appreciate the comment!

  6. Thanks for the article Glen, but how do you identify the decision-makers in your market? There are lots of examples for social media, but my niche is “parents and caregivers of adults with disabilities” and I can’t find them.

    I’ve searched Google, tried to find other blogs that are more than just parents/people with disabilities talking about their individual situations. I know they must be out there and desperate for the information/inspiration/interaction that Darren talks about.

    Once your child graduates from school, at least in the US, there is not only a fiscal cliff–there is a bottomless pit. I know other parents/caregivers out there. But where?

    • Hi Mary, great question. Have you tried caregiver resources, or caregiver organizations, caregiver professionals, etc?

      Hope this helps Mary!

  7. The thing about being “bleeding edge” is you are still reliant on someone else. I imagine if you are really bleeding edge, you are producing the game-changing events. The real way to get stuff shared is to make something people need to share. Basically, get like Google, Twitter and Pinterest.

    • Hey Hubert, I agree. If you can create your own cutting edge information that helps other – great!

      But most bloggers don’t have the resources that industry leaders have. But if you keep your finger on the pulse of what’s happening now, in your industry, you can still be one of the first to share helpful information.

  8. Interesting article! As authority on the topics being written on your blog, it is important to keep its readers with new and original content. As a blogger specializing in a niche you must always keep up to date on new trends and writing about it.

  9. Thanks Juliette! And you’re right about keeping up on new trends. When you’re writing articles constantly it helps to get a fresh perspective on new developments in your niche.

  10. Thanks Glen, for this lovely post. I am new to this blogging world. I am writting blog for http://www.assignmenthelpworld.com/blog, I am trying to write the articles which provides “bleeding edge” content for the users and they like it and share it with others. By reading your article, I got more clear understanding about how to write artcile which provides “bleeding edge” content to user.

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