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Australian AdSense Publishers Get Direct Debit Payments

Posted By Darren Rowse 9th of April 2006 Adsense, General 0 Comments

Good news for Aussies today with AdSense notifyig them that they can now be paid by direct deposit! Here’s an excerpt from the email sent:

‘We have recently added a new payment option for Australia and wish to invite you to sign up to receive payments directly to your bank account.

I’m not sure if this is just an Australian thing or whether other countries have now been upgraded to EFT payments also but I know a few other Aussies that will be happy about this one.

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Darren Rowse is the founder and editor of ProBlogger Blog Tips and Digital Photography School. Learn more about him here and connect with him on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn.
  • Yeah, we have that setup in the good ole USA as well =)

  • Direct deposit has existed in Canada for a while. Google seems very good about timing the deposit so that it arrives before the last day of the month, even if weekends get in the way.

  • Is yahoo publishing in Australia yet? It would be a great focal point.

  • I am glad that google is continuing to improve itself

  • Woohoo! I much prefer DD – now if Google can let us transfer our AdSense balance into an AdWords account for spending on PPC (which I am sure is in the works) I’ll be even happier.

  • I wish we’ll have such facility for Adsense publishers in Malaysia in the future.

  • Good news and long overdue.

    I’m with Yaro here – being able to move my AdSense earning into my AdWords account would make life easier.

  • This is sweet news.

  • I’m surprised it’s taken so long for this feature to reach Australian Adsense publishers, we’ve had the option of receiving payments by direct bank transfer for some time now in the UK and we’re usually neglected by US companies when it comes to features like that.

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  • We have this in Germany for about one year now, and I was very happy when Google made this switch, as German banks took horrible fees for the American issued checks that we got send before.

  • Funny, I didn’t get this email. hope they’re opening it up to all Aussies.

  • Marco

    When will that be an option in Brazil? :-(

  • The fees for the US Google checks were really annoying, but fortunately this times are over in Germany.

  • About time!

  • Waiting for this to happen in our part of the world as well.

  • This payment method is already working in Belgium and i got my first payment. it’s working really fine. You can even set multiple bank account.

  • lovely. we Malaysians are left out of all this again. sigh

  • You know, I only got my last Google cheque today…but now I’m totally happy!

  • Soj

    After reading this great news i logged into my Adsense account and attempted to change my payment options from cheque to direct debit. There was nothing, so i did a search in Adsense help and found a list of countries which are supported for direct debit;
    Great Britain
    United States

    Australia was not listed :(

  • Oddly enough today when I logged into my AdSense account to add my bank account the option to do so is now gone. It was definately there a few days back. Something wierd is going on. I’ve emailed them to see what’s going on.