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21st of July 2016 Mario 0 Comments

134: How to Decide if You Should Start on a New Social Network or Medium

How to Decide if a New Social Network or Medium is Right for You Today I’m going to help you decide if you should start on that new social network or that new medium like a podcast or a YouTube channel. As bloggers, we are constantly bombarded with choice as ...more
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Blogging lessons you can learn from a small country town
4th of October 2018 Laney Galligan 0 Comments

5 Blogging Lessons You Can Learn from a Small Country Town

Looking for the fast lane to blogging success? Want to join the upper echelons of blogging stardom at the top end of town, and be dazzled by the bright lights of the big city? If you’re exhausted from chasing all the shiny things and trying to keep up with the ...more
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Admin tasks to do when launching a new blog
19th of September 2018 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

8 Important Admin Tasks to Do When Launching a New Blog

When you launch a new blog (especially if it’s your first), there’s so much to do it can feel overwhelming. Having spent so much time and effort selecting your theme, pre-writing posts, and maybe even setting up your email list, you probably just want to make it live as soon as possible so you can ...more
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How long should your blog post be?
23rd of August 2018 Ali Luke 0 Comments

How Long Should Your Blog Post Be?

Today’s post is by ProBlogger writing expert Ali Luke When I started blogging in 2008, there was a (roughly) agreed-on standard for blog posts: you should post around 500 words every weekday. Now that I look back on that, it seems pretty silly. Some topics can be adequately covered in ...more
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6th of August 2018 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

255: My Mid-Life Crisis and The Power of Being Vulnerable on a Blog

The Power of Being Vulnerable with Your Readers Have you experienced the power of taking a step out of your comfort zone and being vulnerable with your readers? I have long believed in the power of being vulnerable. It can be hard to be vulnerable. It feels very risky, but ...more
Ways to annoy a blog editor
19th of July 2018 Ali Luke 0 Comments

Seven Sure-Fire Ways to Annoy a Blog Editor (and What to Do Instead)

This is a post by ProBlogger writing expert Ali Luke. Are you (inadvertently) annoying bloggers you want to impress? If you’re hoping to build a great relationship with a blog editor – maybe so you can land a guest post, or interview them on your blog – then this post ...more
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Create killer filler content for your blog
4th of June 2018 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

250: 9 Types of Killer Filler Content that are Easy to Create

How to Create Killer Filler Content for Your Blog This week I’m sharing a list of content filler types you can use for your blog. And they don’t take a lot of effort or time to create. If you’re struggling to create thoughtful, original long-form content, these will help fill ...more
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Nine ways to accelerate the growth of your blog
7th of May 2018 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

246: 9 Ways to Accelerate the Growth of Your Blog

9 Things I Wish I Knew About Blogging That Will Accelerate the Growth of YOUR Blog In today’s episode I want to share my keynote at this year’s Social Media Marketing World – 9 Things I Wish I Knew About Blogging that Will Accelerate the Growth of YOUR Blog. Here ...more
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Shiny object syndrome can be good for your blog and business
30th of April 2018 Darren Rowse 0 Comments

245: Why Shiny Object Syndrome Is Sometimes a Good Thing

Why Shiny Object Syndrome Can Be Good for Your Blog and Business Do you suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome? Are you easily distracted by something new – a tool, medium, tactic, or income stream? Whatever it is, it captivates and distracts you in the moment. And it can easily take ...more
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