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99designs connects the world with great graphic designers through design contests, 1-to-1 Projects, and a Readymade logo store.   As a Problogger Community Member you’ll get a free  Power Pack upgrade for your design contest (worth $99)

Main Features

  •  Get a new design in 7 days
  •  Affordable custom design
  •  280,000+ designers online
  •  Quality guaranteed

99designs is the world’s largest custom design marketplace. Every day, thousands of clients come to 99designs to create briefs for design projects: web pages, banner advertising, social media pages, mobile apps and more.

Get a design you’ll love:

Tell us what you need

Fill in our online design brief, and choose how much you’ll pay. Our designers compete to win the money in what we call a design contest.

Receive dozens of designs

Designers start to compete in your design contest. They submit designs, and you give them feedback. Together, you polish the designs over 7 days.

Pick your favorite design

Choose the design you love best, and sign our copyright agreement. The designer gets the prize money, and you get a gorgeous new design.

Added extras

At 99designs, your confidentiality is assured. We provide a range of options to:

  •   keep your design project out of the search engine listings
  •   protect it with our standard NDA—or your own
  •   present designs to stakeholders under your own branding
  •   solicit design feedback from colleagues and contacts.

…and a designer you love, too:

We have designers of all kinds—and in all locations. A 99designs contest is a great way to sift through our designers to find one you love. From there, you can use our 1-to-1 Projects service to engage that designer for follow-on work, or entirely new projects. With 1-to-1 Projects, you can work with designers around the corner, or around the world, in a secure online environment.

What do you want designed?

99designs’ talented designer community includes creatives with proven expertise in designing:

  • logos
  • web sites
  • social media pages
  • mobile apps
  • t-shirts, caps and clothing
  • business cards and letterhead
  • brochures and collateral
  • signage
  • illustrations
  • book and magazine covers
  • and more.

You can browse their folios online. Then, invite designers to join your design contest, or contact them directly for quotes on your next 1-to-1 project.

99designs puts a world of design talent at your fingertips.

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